Mindfulness Activities

How to Take a Mindful Break

Taking a mindful break throughout the day is so important. For many of us though, we often do not build in any time to take a mindful break. Building in time for a mindful break into your day is as important as making time to eat. It can also be as quick as 10 minutes! Giving yourself 10 minutes to do a quick mindfulness activity will overall decrease your stress over time and increase feelings of happiness and purpose.

Step 1:

Decide what part of your day is the best time to build in a mindful break. Maybe in the morning before your work day begins. For others it may be at the end of the day or simply during your lunch break.

Step 2:

Choose a mindful activity. Types of mindful activities include: yoga, meditations, reading, taking a walk outdoors or simply taking your lunch break outside. The key though for any of the activities that you choose is to be present and in the here and now. So, turn off your phone. Put aside that “to-do” list. I promise you that your phone and all of your “to-do’s” will still be there in 10 minutes. Check out my pin below with ideas to choose from for your mindful activity:

There are so many great free resources on YouTube for 5 minute guided meditations, simple chair yoga stretches and 10 minute guided body scans. Another site that I love for guided meditations and body scans is You can choose from 3 minute to 30 minute mindful exercise’s. (I am not affiliated with, just truly love this resource).

Step 3:

Focus your attention solely on the mindful activity that you choose. Let yourself enjoy 10 minutes of un-interrupted time to unwind and destress.

Step 4:

Make this a routine. Build in time regularly into your schedule for a mindful break. Once this becomes part of your routine, it will then become a habit. By creating a positive habit, your body will automatically know what to do the next time you are stressed or overwhelmed.

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