rv eat in kitchen table with bright yellow pillows and white plush blanket

Whether you have an RV, cabin or summer home, you can bring your design style into your home without making your small space feel overcrowded and overdecorated. Our first home was only 800 square feet and I remember feeling completely unsure of how to make my home feel spacious without overcrowding it with furniture and decor. I slowly learned through a bit of trial and error what to do and what not to do. With that being said I have come up with a few small spaces decorating tips to make it effortless for you to design your new small space!

small spaces decor tips cover photo of rv eat in kitchen table with two bright yellow pillows and a green plant in a vintage storage container

How do you Decorate a Small Space

Decorating small spaces can seem very challenging and maybe even impossible. However, with a few simple decorating tips you can achieve any design look you are going for and not feel overcrowded! The secret to decorating small spaces is to use decor pieces that are multi-functional. For example, in a small kitchen, you can decorate your counters with wood cutting boards and cook books. The cutting boards give a simple farmhouse look when displayed on your counters and are easily accessible when you really need to use them.

cutting boards and white saucer and white butter dish

Small Spaces Decorating Tip 1: Choose an Accent Color

I love to keep the walls and floors simple and neutral, so that way I can change my accent colors out at any time. When you pick neutral paint colors for the walls and stick to simple wood floors, you can then add pops of color with your decor. It makes it super easy to change out your colors for holidays or parties! For summer, I am loving bright yellow! I choose yellow as my accent color for our RV, but depending on my mood or season, I can easily change it up.

Choose a color that you love and then add pops of that color throughout the room. Only choose 1 or 2 accent colors at the most.

Small Spaces Decorating Tip 2: Add Style and Texture

To add texture, bring in cozy faux fur blankets. Create layers with different style pillows, but keep the same colors consistent. In the above picture I have two yellow pillows, but each pillow has a different style and pattern. This gives your space style and texture.

Small Spaces Decorating Tip 3: Less is Best

Do not over clutter the space. All homes regardless of size should feel relaxing and inviting. Too much decor can feel overwhelming. Not to mention, more decor equals more to clean! Check out this great article on how to declutter your house in 30 days from healthfullyrootedhome.com. The author states it perfectly, “a decluttered home leads to a decluttered mind.”

Keep it simple and choose items that are functional, yet stylish. I love decorating with plants and accent pillows. They serve two purposes. Plants refresh the air, while also offering decor style and pillows offer comfort and can also bring in a pop of color.

Have Fun! This is your chance to possibly try styles that you may not feel brave enough to test out in your home. But whatever decor pieces and style that you choose remember to keep it simple and not over cluttered.

Decorating Small Spaces on a Budget

With keeping your small space simple and not over cluttered, you may find it difficult to find the exact right piece at the right price. However, the secret to decorating small spaces on a budget is to make sure that you buy practical pieces that are multi-functional. You will find that you save money in the long run by buying decor pieces that also serve a functional purpose. One of my favorite cost saving tip is to make sure every furniture piece you buy has more than 1 use. For example, when you are choosing your seating for your small space, purchase a couch that converts to a bed. This is brilliant for small spaces because you have seating during the day and a guest bed at night!

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