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One of the easiest ways to add beauty and farmhouse charm to your home is with your light fixtures. Lighting can change the whole feel of your room, which is why you want to choose your modern farmhouse light fixtures wisely. Designing your space can be very exciting and also possibly overwhelming at times. Whether you are building your home from scratch or simply re-doing a room, deciding on the right light fixtures can be a challenge, but it does not have to be! If the look you are going for is a modern farmhouse vibe, then when choosing your light fixtures, simply stick to the tips outlined below and I promise you that you will transform your space one light fixture at a time!

Modern Farmhouse Lighting

Modern Farmhouse design combines vintage style with a slightly modern flair. Typically the sleek vintage modern farmhouse pieces stand out against the backdrop of neutral colored walls. Since most modern farmhouse style is neutral, accent pieces and light fixtures can play a dramatic and beautiful role.

When choosing modern farmhouse lighting, try to stick to light fixtures with either a wood tone or metal finish. You will also want to pick lights with clean lines, but don’t be afraid to step slightly out of the box! The best part of modern farmhouse design is how it combines old vintage style with simple, clean modern touches.

Modern farmhouse light fixture for kitchen

Farmhouse Chandeliers

If you have any type of farmhouse, then you most likely have a farmhouse chandelier! Nothing says traditional, modern or vintage farmhouse more than a classic farmhouse chandelier or light fixture. They can range from very simple and classic to more formal and vintage. I love chandeliers in dining rooms, bedrooms and even bathrooms. They add a beautiful statement piece to any room. In my dining room I have more of a classic, simple farmhouse style chandelier, but then in my master bedroom I choose more of a romantic, but not overly formal chandelier. The one rule you should stick to when picking out a farmhouse themed chandelier is to steer away from the bright gold, heavily decorated types of chandeliers. With modern farmhouse style, less is best. Choose lighting pieces with classic lines, dark metal finishes or off white vintage colors.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Light Fixtures

When selecting lighting for your modern farmhouse inspired bathrooms, choose light fixtures based off of your bathroom color schemes. For example, in my master bedroom, my bathroom has a neutral, light gray theme, so I went with simple, silver toned lighting. However, in our half bath, the color scheme incorporates more wood tones, so I choose a basic wood and glass light fixture. It is ok to not have the same light fixtures in every bathroom in your home. What is more important is to focus on matching your room’s color theme. Traditional Modern farmhouse style uses a neutral paint palette with touches of wood tones for warmth.

Affordable Farmhouse Lighting

I can honestly say that I have never spent more than $200 on any of my light fixtures. My “go to” store’s for affordable lighting is typically Lowe’s and Home Depot. When I was shopping for our home’s farmhouse inspired lighting, I found all of my inspiration first on Pinterest. From there I googled similar light features and compared prices. You can find great sales this way and it is easier to compare prices and items.

Another great site to shop affordable farmhouse lighting is of course Amazon. The best part about Amazon is that you can get free shipping if you are a prime member. Check out these great modern farmhouse light fixtures from Amazon below (prices range from $40 – $150)!

This post contains Amazon Affiliate links for your shopping convenience. As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Ideas for Modern Farmhouse Light Fixtures by Room

Modern Farmhouse Light Fixture for bathrooms


Modern Farmhouse Light Fixture - Chandelier in Dining Room

DINING ROOM Chandelier

Modern Farmhouse Light Fixture for Entryway


KITCHEN Lighting


BONUS: 17 Modern Farmhouse Lighting Fixture Styles by Curated Interior

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  1. These are all so perfect! I love the lantern style one, it is what I am thinking for a dining room light for my house! Something to keep in mind when I am ready to make a change! Thanks for some great ideas!

    1. Love lantern style lighting! Great choice!!

  2. Hi! Could you possibly tell me the name of the chandelier and where it might be purchased? Thanks so much.

    1. Absolutely! It is from Lowes and it is called a farmhouse chandelier. Specifically a 9 light black farmhouse chandelier. I think it’s currently on sale!

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