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Winter is a time to settle in and get cozy and what better way than with delicious winter food recipes and warm, simple decor style. To celebrate the joys of winter, myself along with 7 very talented women teamed up to create a FREE e-book for you full of 60 plus pages of winter food recipes and winter DIY decor tutorials.

Homestead Living: winter edition, will teach you how to make the most out of winter, while also finding joy in all the rest that this season brings. I am so excited to present to you the fourth edition of the Homestead Living FREE e-book, Winter 2021 Edition!

Best Winter Food Recipes

The best winter foods typically consist of hearty, warm flavors that leave you feeling comforted and satisfied! Warm soups, hearty stews and recipes full of baked cheeses and creamy pastas. Some of the most comforting winter foods are dishes that can cook slowly on the stove all day, leaving the house full of delicious home cooked aromas.

Warm brie covered in puffed pastry and stuffed with red pepper jelly

In this winter edition of Homestead Living, you will receive simple, delicious and homemade recipes that you can enjoy next to a cozy fire with a warm drink of your choice. Here are the recipes included in this FREE E-book:

Cozy Homemade Winter Decor

What pairs perfectly with a warm delicious soup? A beautifully “winter inspired” decorated home with delicious smelling soy candles of course! In this winter edition, you will discover beautiful ways to make simple table runners, homemade salt ornaments and simple soy candles that you can display and enjoy all winter long.

Christmas trees with white lights outdoors with a lantern and wood piled

Grab your copy of this FREE E-book to receive the following DIY tutorials:

Homestead living winter 2021 edition free e-book


Looking to create a happy, relaxed and comfortable home? Well then you have come to the right place, my friend! Discover the benefits of mindful living and home decor and start feeling HAPPIER and HEALTHIER today!

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