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Simply living…

Our family adventures, easy and delicious recipes and good “finds” to make life simpler!

Our family RV

We purchased our RV this past year, during the pandemic. We were looking for a way to still travel, but safely and also affordably. So we decided to take a leap and purchase our family RV! I will begin by saying I am not the camping type, actually far from it! But put me in an RV and I have somehow transformed! I live for RVing now! To me, it is the definition of simple life. Cozy campfires in the open outdoors, hiking…or for me walking and I even get out my bicycle and bike with the kids! All the amenities of being at home, but also away and vacationing at the same time. And did I mention, affordable?! I am looking forward to taking you all on some of our upcoming summer RV trips in upcoming blog posts.

Simple family recipes

More posts to come….

Good “finds”

More posts to come…