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The Best Chocolate Chip Sourdough Muffin Recipe

chocolate chip sourdough muffins

What sets these muffins apart from any other chocolate chip muffins is the addition of creamy buttermilk and nutritionally packed sourdough starter. Theses are hands down the best chocolate chip muffins and they have the added health benefits of sourdough! The best part is that they are so easy to make, you can quickly whip them up anytime you are looking for a snack or breakfast treat. Not to mention, you can easily switch out the chocolate chips for blueberries or any other ingredient of …

Breakfast Recipes Recipes

Easy 2 Ingredient Breakfast Recipes

In my home weekday breakfast time can be pretty hectic. I am always looking for simple and easy semi-homemade breakfast recipes to make that are quick and kid friendly. I am going to share with you two easy recipes and each only need two main ingredients! If that wasn’t enough reason to try out these delicious and easy 2 ingredient breakfast recipes, then here are two more reasons! If you are looking for a breakfast recipe vegetarian style, then you will love my eggless breakfast …