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How to Create a Family Command Center

One way to simplify your home is to create a family command center. This is a place where you can conveniently store everyday items. Family command center walls can not only be a way to keep your family organized, but it can also be a stylish statement wall in your home. A place for you to show off your style while being organized at the same time!

When designing our families command center, I wanted a place where I could hang our keys, school lunch boxes and book bags, as well as a place to put all of the important papers that come home from school. In addition, with juggling 5 schedules, I wanted a place to keep track of all of our family activities. The calendar keeps us all on the same page and allows each family member to see the months scheduled appointments and commitments.

However, I did not want the space to look cluttered or in other words a “hot mess!” So by creating a command center wall you get the opportunity to design a functional, but also stylish place.

Here is a 4 step guide to creating a stylish and functional family command center.

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Creating a Family Command Center

Step 1: Decide on the Purpose of the Space

The 1st step to creating a family command center is to decide what you want the space to hold. For example, are you looking for a place to store bags or coats? Do you need a calendar for appointments? How about a place to hold your keys or more importantly now all the masks we have! Once you decide on what you want to store in the space you have, then you can begin the design process.

Step 2: Begin Designing the Space

Now that you now what you want to store in your family command center, you can begin to pick out the functional pieces. I started with the “stay awhile” sign (shown above) and began to choose decor and organizational pieces that matched the sign. I find that the best place to begin when designing a place in your home, is to choose 1 piece. Possibly a picture or sign or piece of furniture that you love and then search for coordinating pieces to match. In other words, you need your “inspiration” piece. Once you find that piece you can’t live without, then you have your inspiration and you can begin to pull together your whole design look or theme.

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Door Sign/Wall Art (Stay Awhile Sign Cream)

Step 3: Choose your Layout

Now that you have chosen all of your pictures and organizational wall pieces, then lay them all out on the floor and choose your wall layout. It helps to move the pieces around to see a few looks before deciding on the final product. Tip: I find that laying all of the pieces together on a flat surface, helps you to see how it will look on your wall, without messing up your walls!

Step 4: Build the Command Center Wall

It is now time to hang up all of your items and pictures. Once you have all of the pieces hung up on the wall then you can begin to decorate and organize. Have fun with your design style!

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How to Choose your Design Style

Living room with white washed brick fireplace, two sitting chairs, navy and white pillow and white faux fur blanket.

Designing your own space can be so exciting, but also very overwhelming. I remember decorating my 1st home and telling everyone that my style was very eclectic, but in reality I now realize that I didn’t really have a clear style or vision at all! As I mentioned in a previous post, when I had the opportunity to redesign our space, I wanted to make sure my design style was very clear and that it connected and flowed throughout the house.

The key I feel to a good design space is having each room in your house connect in some way. Either with the paint color, furniture or decor themes. For our house we choose to go with the same color on the walls throughout the house. Our choice was Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore. This helped to create a neutral palette in our home, so that we had the freedom to add color with decor and furniture. Plus this provides you with the flexibility to change your style easily in the future by switching out furniture and/or decor.

Design Style Theme

So what is the first step when designing your space? I would suggest that you pick your design style theme first. Take some time to go through pictures in home magazines, or images on Pinterest and other web browser sites. There are so many different design theme styles. Once you have in mind your design theme, then you can begin to choose your colors, furniture, layout and decor elements.

My design style theme is modern farmhouse. I wanted to create a space where it did not feel cluttered and instead was light, simple and included lots of modern farmhouse touches. Modern farmhouse has become more recently popular due to it’s contemporary take on a older rustic style. Bringing in cozy blankets and wood accent pieces adds warmth and the contemporary modern farmhouse style theme. I love to add in texture with faux fur blankets and accent pillows. My favorite trick for pillows and a way to save money when you want to change out the colors or style, is to keep your pillows and just order new covers. Plus when you have pillow covers with zippers, you can take them off for easy cleaning!

This post contains amazon affiliate links for your shopping convenience. As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Modern farmhouse living room with navy furniture, light gray walls, white farmhouse ladder on wall, whitewashed brick fireplace, faux fur blankets and navy and gray pillows.
The antique ladder brings a simple farmhouse touch into the space.

Decorating your Space to Match your Design Style

After you choose your design style theme, the fun begins! Choose your paint color(s). Once you have your paint picked out then start to choose your furniture. This is where I decided to add my color, since my wall paint was very neutral. I went with navy and gray and then brought in warm tones with the wood floor and various natural wood furniture and decor pieces. Many times when I am designing a space, I may find one item that is my inspiration for the whole space. Such as a simple pillow or picture that you want to display. Once something inspires you, go with it and collect other decor items as you go along.

One thing to remember is, you do not need to rush to buy items just to finish a room. Take your time. It is OK if your room is not completed all at once. Let your vision and style grow. What is more important is to love every piece that you add to your space. Have fun and enjoy simply decorating!

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