Hello and welcome to! A blog to post all things simple and mindful. Beautiful modern farmhouse decor and style, easy semi-homemade recipes and relaxing mindfulness activities for you and your family. It is my hope that you will find inspiration here on how to live more simply and mindful.

A Little about me….

So now who is “simply Candice?!” I am a wife to a pretty incredible husband, mom to three amazing kids and a full-time school counselor in a local middle school. I spend most of my day while at work, doing what I love best….talking to students. Some of the students are overly stressed, having issues with friends or just struggling to fit in, while figuring out who they want to be. Welcome to middle school! I try to bring them back into balance and in a happy state with talk therapy and lots and lots of mindfulness activities.

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Balancing Home Life

Then when I come home, mom life takes over and I struggle to live what I preach! Mindfulness? What mindfulness?! How can I stay in the present moment while thinking of the 10,000 things I need to be doing?! But I have come to find that I need to be more present than ever, especially being a mom. That was part of my intent in creating this blog. I am hoping to have a place to share ways to be more in the here and now, while eating well, parenting well and overall, living well. My intention every day is to live a simple, balanced life, but then….life happens! So starting this blog is my attempt at trying to help all of us busy moms and dads live more simply, while also being more “mindful” and present.

At the start of the pandemic, I found myself thinking….”great, I will use this time to learn how to make bread from scratch and teach my kids all about mindfulness!” I was going to become real “back to basics” and strive to live off the land. Well….day 3 of being home I quickly learned that although I truly aspire to be a simple farmhouse girl, I need to meet myself somewhere more in the middle. Like maybe instead of living solely off the land, I will plant a simple veggie garden!

And instead of going on crazy, expensive vacations, that we can no longer really afford as a family of 5, finding ways to still vacation…just more simply and affordably. Learning to enjoy all of the little moments together, while having good old fashion family time! Insert…the purchase of our family RV! I will begin by saying I am not the camping type, actually far from it! But put me in an RV and I have somehow transformed! I live for RVing now! To me, it is the definition of simple life. Cozy campfires in the open outdoors, hiking…or for me walking and I even get out my bicycle and bike with the kids! All the amenities of being at home, but also away and vacationing at the same time. And did I mention, affordable?!

A peek inside our family RV

Simplicity is the key word, right?! But really I sometimes find the more simple I attempt to go, the more complicated things get! Take for example baking your own bread from scratch. Simple right! Not! After my many failed attempts of getting the yeast to rise…I gave up! I did though get good at making other types of simple breads that did not require any yeast! There began my journey with meeting myself halfway. Semi-homemade and not store bought. But don’t get me wrong, having some go-to store bought snacks in the pantry is sometimes the only way I survive. Especially with 3 kids and my oldest almost a teenager who is beginning to eat me out of house and home!

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So now that you know a little about me, join me in discovering together, how to live more simply, while also trying to live life more in the present moment. Instead of always thinking about all the stuff we need or should be doing and yes…all while balancing work and parenthood!

Welcome to my “Simply Candice” life!

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I am a wife, mom to three incredible kids and a full-time school counselor. My intention every day is to live a simple, balanced life. I hope you will join me in discovering together how to live more simply in the present, mindful moment, all while sharing simple home decor ideas, easy semi-homemade recipes, mindfulness tips and fun family adventures!

I would LOVE to hear from you!

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