Hi! I’m Candice, the voice behind the lifestyle blog about mindful living and mindful home decor. I am so excited for you to learn how simple it is to live a more fulfilled, mindful life!

A Little about me….

I am a licensed mental health counselor, certified school counselor, wife and mom to 3 incredible and very busy kids. ❤️ As a counselor I have spent much of my career working with children, adolescents and their families. Most of my day is spent listening and helping others learn how to destress and live a more positive and mindful life.

Through my experience as a counselor, wife and mother, I have found that life can be very challenging at times and overwhelming. The secret though to feeling less stressed, happier and healthier, even during our busiest days, is to stay PRESENT, MINDFUL and GRATEFUL. Learning how to be mindful is easy!

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Mindful Living

Being mindful, simply means, living in the here and now. Mindful living is learning to embrace the present moment and not getting caught up in the past or future. You can of course plan for your future but your future should not overshadow your present moment. In other words, mindfully living is enjoying the current task or thought at hand. Taking joy in the simple pleasures of everyday life.

You can easily take part in mindful living in almost anything and everything you choose to do! In my mindful living section, you will find simple, easy recipes that you and the whole family can enjoy together and inspiration for mindful design and home decor. Cherishing the simplicity of cooking, baking, decorating and enjoying every beautiful moment!

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Looking to create a happy, relaxed and comfortable home? Well then you have come to the right place, my friend! Discover the benefits of mindful living and home decor and start feeling HAPPIER and HEALTHIER today!

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