Creating an inviting entryway provides your guests with a glimpse into your home and offers them a warm welcome. When designing your entryway you want to offer guests a place to sit and a hook to hang up their coats your bags. Giving your guests a place to store their belongings, helps them to feel more at home in your space. Here are a few tips to transform your entryway into an inviting and welcoming space.

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Step 1: Create a place to sit

To create an inviting entryway you want to provide your guests with a place to sit. Either a decorative chair or bench seating with pillows. Both of these options give guests a place to sit to take off or put on their shoes or even to hold bags and items that they may have brought. I love using pieces that reflect my style! I choose this antique chair that my sister gifted to me as a house warming present. She had it reupholstered in navy velvet to match my home decor accent colors. The navy ties in with my living room furniture and kitchen island. When designing your entryway, make sure that it flows with your design style and the rest of your main floor. As I mentioned earlier, your entryway provides guests with a glimpse into your home. This is your opportunity to show a little of your design style.

Step 2: Creating an Inviting Entryway

I love these feather wall hooks! They are beautiful on the wall with nothing hanging on them or when you do have guests arrive, they are perfect for hanging coats or bags. I found these hooks at Target. Whatever hooks you choose, I recommend that you are not only functional, but stylish, because when they are not hanging coats or bags, they are still part of your decor space.

Step 3: Do not overclutter

Use only a few decor items to add color and warmth

Less is best when creating an inviting design space. Too much decor can feel overwhelming. In this space you will see that I use only 2-3 decor items on each furniture piece or wall shelf. You can also choose to change out your decor for various holidays.

I recommend to stay with your home design theme, to create good flow into your main living space. My home has a modern farmhouse feel; showcasing vintage pieces, with a simple color palette and plants for warmth and decor.

The key to creating an inviting entryway is to provide guests with space to hold their belongings. You do not want so much decor that there is no room for additional coats, bags and items when guests arrive.

Shop: Entryway Decor

Check out my link below to shop entryway decor for your home! These 3 simple steps will start you on the path to transforming your entryway into an inviting and welcoming space in no time! Have fun simply decorating!

Bonus: How to get started!

Check out this great post from on how to stop procrastinating and get started on your next project! There are 4 simple tips included, starting with having a vision and ending with breaking down your task into achievable goals. I promise you that you will find inspiration to begin your next project!



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