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Discover the best time to begin decorating for Fall. Plus check out these 3 simple and cost saving tips to decorate for Fall on a Budget!

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What Month do you Start Decorating for Fall?

I love summer and I am not going to lie, I try to extend the summer season as long as I can! However, once September hits, that is my cue to begin breaking out the fall decor. Technically the 1st day of fall for the calendar year is September 21st, so starting to stage your home with simple and timeless fall decor in September is the perfect time! Plus you get a full month of fall decor in before October starts, which is when Halloween decor may filter into your home.

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How to Decorate Outside for Fall

Decorating outside for fall does not need to be expensive. In fact, it is the best season of all to use free natural decor from outside. Dried corn stalks are fairly inexpensive and sometimes even free, if you live near a cornfield or a local farm. Corn stalks can be used for fall decor, starting in September and lead right into November with Thanksgiving decor.

Use plants in season as well. I love mums of all colors and I would recommend that you pick one or two mum colors and stick to that color palate. This year, I choose pretty burgundy colored mums and placed them around my front door. Mums also last the whole fall season if you plant them in a planter and continue to water them. These plants transition beautifully for your November, Thanksgiving decor.

Add a fresh wreath and a seasonal door mat. Both of these items you can use year after year, if you initially invest in good quality. I save all of my wreaths and change them out different years and for different seasons. Same goes with my seasonal door mats. I keep one burlap style mat on the bottom (for my 1st layer) and then I just change out the top door mat depending on the season.

Tip: Use two wreaths (layered together) to add an affordable custom wreath vibe!

One of the easiest ways to decorate outside for fall is to use lots of pumpkins! I love all kinds of pumpkins! Real pumpkins are so beautiful and can last all season on your front porch. However, one cost saving secret I use, is to invest in faux pumpkins. I love white, gold, cream or even green faux pumpkins for a neutral fall decor theme. The best part of using faux pumpkins is that you only need to buy them once and then you can use them year after year. I love stacking faux pumpkins and piling them together in small areas throughout my house or outside on my front porch.

front porch with a blue vintage tractor and white pumpkins

3 Simple and Cheap Fall Decor Ideas

Decorating for Fall can truly be done on any budget! Here are 3 simple and cheap fall decor ideas that can transform your home for very little money!

  1. Use what is in your Backyard. Best part about natural decor is it is free! I love using dried flowers from my garden, or as I mentioned above, dried corn stalks. Natural elements add warmth to your decor style and did I mention, it’s free?! So go scavenging in your backyard today!
  2. Shop Seasonal Sales, right after the season is over and the stores are preparing for the next season. You can find affordable fall decor almost everywhere, especially off season. One of my favorite stores to shop for any seasonal decor is Michaels. Michaels fall decor section is beautiful but can be pretty pricey. One trick is to make sure you use a coupon at Michael’s and/or shop for fall seasonal decor right at the end of the season. For more tips on decorating on a budget, check out How to Create a Farmhouse Look on a Budget
  3. My last simple and cheap fall decor idea is to use faux decor pieces. Faux pumpkins never expire and you can choose to paint them, decorate them or simply leave them as is. When you purchase faux decor pieces, you save money each year, because you can use the decorative pieces year after year.

Shop image: Decorate for fall on a budget with decor pieces from Amazon

Amazon Fall Decor

Another great way to decorate for fall on a budget is to shop sales on Amazon. I love Amazon because you can compare prices and have the items delivered fast. If you are prime member like me, you probably rely on next day delivery! Here are some great Amazon Fall Decor pieces that are affordable and would be the perfect addition to any space! Happy Shopping Ya’ll!

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    1. I love fall too! Itโ€™s such a beautiful season!

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    1. Thank you! The color is Yarmouth blue by Benjamin Moore ๐Ÿ’™

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