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Learn how to Make a Vision Board in 4 Easy and Fun Steps!

Vision boards are one of my most favorite activities to do with adults and kids. This activity inspires hope, imagination and positive goal setting. You can also incorporate mindfulness into this activity by simply being in the here and now. Begin by teaching your children to focus directly on the activity instead of worrying about another task. In other words, when we teach ourselves and then in turn our children how to take a moment to breathe and be present, then we naturally learn how to de-stress.

What is a Vision Board

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A vision board is a visual display of images and/or quotes that inspire you. In other words, vision boards are created to provide inspiration and help keep you goal oriented for your future plans or dreams. The idea behind vision boards is that if you are surrounded by images of what inspires you and motivates you, then you will be apt to accomplish those goals. Seeing what inspires you everyday, helps to match your life to those images through the power of visualization. Don’t just take my word for it though, check out this article about the science behind visualization:

What is Needed to Make a Vision Board

So now that you know what a vision board is, what do you need to make one? Typically vision boards are made with clippings out of magazines that are then onto a poster board. However, you can also simply just print pictures form the computer or make your vision on the your device with clip art and google photos. In other words, if you would like to make a vision board without technology, then all you need is some old magazines and a poster board. You can also spice up the vision board with stickers, glitter and any other craft item you would like to make it visually appealing to you.

If you are looking to make a vision board without magazines, then you can rely on technology to help you create your design. Simply use whatever platform you like (word, canva, google docs, etc.) and add pictures that inspire you onto the blank doc. You can get as creative as you like and when you are done, you can simply print out your completed vision board.

However you choose to create your vision board the basic supply needed is simply images (whether in print or digital) of items that inspire you or of goals that you want to accomplish.

Supplies Needed to Make a Traditional Vision Board

  • Magazines/Newspapers
  • Memorabilia (ie postcards, tickets, tangible items)
  • Poster Board
  • Glue
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Stickers (optional)

Vision Board: Back to School Inspired!

A great activity to help your kids get excited for back to school and to help them set positive inspiring goals, is making a “back to school” vision board. Get your kids and you excited for their school goals this year with this great activity! Not only will they set goals for themselves, but you will learn so much about your children through this activity!

Back to school Vision board

How to Create a Vision Board: 4 Easy Steps

  • Step 1: Discuss with your kids what they want to do/accomplish this school year (similar to a summertime bucket list).
  • Step 2: Have your kids cut out images and words out of magazines (or print pictures from your computer) of activities that they love and are inspired by. Images that help them make school goals for themselves. For example if you talked about joining a club or sport find an image of an object they would use in the club or sport.
  • Step 3: Design your vision board. Choose where to put all of the images. Be creative and have fun!
  • Step 4: Have your child present their vision board to you and your family. Ask questions and talk about their goals, inspirations and plans.

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