Mindfulness Activities

4 Ways to INSTANTLY Feel Less Stressed

Feeling and becoming less stressed begins with being mindfully organized. Mindfully organized is a term for taking the time to organize your thoughts and life tasks in a simple and mindful way. Many of us miss so much around us because we are too focused on thinking about our problems or everything we need to get accomplished. Our forever growing “to-do” list. Today I am going to show you how to start enjoying life and becoming more mindfully organized! Being mindfully organized will help you …

Home Decor

How to Create an Inviting Entryway

Creating an inviting entryway provides your guests with a glimpse into your home and offers them a warm welcome. When designing your entryway you want to offer guests a place to sit and a hook to hang up their coats your bags. Giving your guests a place to store their belongings, helps them to feel more at home in your space. Here are a few tips to transform your entryway into an inviting and welcoming space. This post contains amazon affiliate links for your shopping …

Lunch/Dinner Recipes

How to Make Homemade Tomato Sauce

Homemade tomato sauce is so easy to make that I promise you, after you learn how to make this recipe, you will never buy jarred sauce again! This tomato sauce recipe is perfect for a quick weeknight meal. The best part about this homemade tomato sauce is that you can use it in so many recipes or simply served over pasta. This post contains amazon affiliate links for your shopping convenience. As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

rv eat in kitchen table with bright yellow pillows and white plush blanket
RV Decor

3 Tips on How to Decorate Small Spaces

Whether you have an RV, cabin or summer home, you can bring your design style into your home without making your small space feel overcrowded and overdecorated. Our first home was only 800 square feet and I remember feeling completely unsure of how to make my home feel spacious without overcrowding it with furniture and decor. I slowly learned through a bit of trial and error what to do and what not to do. With that being said I have come up with a few …

Mindfulness Activities

The Best Summertime Mindfulness Activities

Summertime is a great time to help your kids learn how to practice mindfulness. There are so many fun summertime mindfulness activities that you and your family can do together and today you will discover 4 of the BEST summertime mindfulness activities! In this post, I will show you how to create summertime vision boards and how to make calming mindful glitter jars. You will also learn how easy it is to teach your children about being mindful through reading and playing fun outdoor games, …

Home Decor

How to Create a Family Command Center

One way to simplify your home is to create a family command center. This is a place where you can conveniently store everyday items. Family command center walls can not only be a way to keep your family organized, but it can also be a stylish statement wall in your home. A place for you to show off your style while being organized at the same time! When designing our families command center, I wanted a place where I could hang our keys, school lunch …

Lunch/Dinner Recipes

Easy Garlic and White Bean Hummus

This easy garlic and white bean hummus is so simple! It takes less than 5 minutes to make and will last about 1 week once refrigerated. If you like your hummus a bit more on the spicy side, like me, then add 3 garlic cloves, but for a less spicy and more mild hummus use 1-2 cloves of garlic instead. This simple and quick recipe is great served as a delicious appetizer or as a tasty, healthy lunch. The best part is I promise your …

Mindfulness Activities

How to Take a Mindful Break

Taking a mindful break throughout the day is so important. For many of us though, we often do not build in any time to take a mindful break. Building in time for a mindful break into your day is as important as making time to eat. It can also be as quick as 10 minutes! Giving yourself 10 minutes to do a quick mindfulness activity will overall decrease your stress over time and increase feelings of happiness and purpose. Step 1: Decide what part of …

Breakfast Recipes

Easy 2 Ingredient Breakfast Recipes

In my home weekday breakfast time can be pretty hectic. I am always looking for simple and easy semi-homemade recipes to make that are also quick to create. I am going to share with you some recipes that are not only easy, but they only need two main ingredients! These are two of my kids favorite breakfast choices and they are so incredibly simply! I mean, can you get any easier than 2 main ingredients?! 1st up is the egg-less breakfast sandwich. I first tried …

Mindfulness Activities

How to Relax with 3 Outdoor Mindfulness Activities

Incorporating mindfulness into everyday outdoor activities will help you de-stress and enjoy life more. Learning how to practice mindfulness outdoors can be so fun and simple. So how do you begin? First you start living in the here and now. In other words, being mindful simply means that you are focusing on the present moment. What is Mindfulness Mindfulness is a term used for being fully present. To be mindful means you are focusing on the here and now, instead of worrying about the past …