Simply decorating…

Some of my front porch simple decor

I have discovered that the simplest way to decorate, is with plants. They add a warm, natural addition to any room, without cluttering your space with tons of objects that require dusting! And plants are so very healthy for our living spaces.

Artificial plants have come so far! When I first began decorating my home, most artificial plants looked so fake, but now, I sometimes finding myself feeling the plants to see if they are real or not! Which is great for any of us without a green thumb, but still desiring the farmhouse look by adding natural plants as your home decor. Above is a picture of my china cabinet. I added artificial greenery with wreaths on both doors, as well as the fern plant on the top of the cabinet for added decor.

I typically love using real plants, but in some parts of my home, I do not have enough natural light for them to flourish. So in those spots, I just add in a realistic looking artificial plant.

Another simple decorating tip is to use a plant as your centerpiece on your table. It can be used year round or changed out for the holidays. This plant that I have on my farmhouse table is Pothos plant. If you are terrible at remembering to water your plants, this is the perfect plant! It can survive for long periods with out the need for daily watering. In fact the less I water this plant, the better it does. Win, win!

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