Feeling and becoming less stressed begins with being mindfully organized. Mindfully organized is a term for taking the time to organize your thoughts and life tasks in a simple and mindful way. Many of us miss so much around us because we are too focused on thinking about our problems or everything we need to get accomplished. Our forever growing “to-do” list.

Today I am going to show you how to start enjoying life and becoming more mindfully organized! Being mindfully organized will help you to be less stressed and instead happier and healthier.

How to Relieve Stress Quickly

In order to relieve stress quickly, you need to start by being aware of what is making you stressed. For many of us, stress comes with being completely overwhelmed. The first step to quickly feeling less overwhelmed and therefore less stressed is to begin with a few mindful breaths. One of my favorite breathing exercises is the 5, 5, 5 breathing method. . You simply take a deep breath in for 5 seconds, hold for 5 more seconds and then breathe out for 5 seconds. You repeat this 5x. Once you are in a calmer state, you can then begin to organize yourself and begin to feel less overwhelmed.

Step 1: Make a To-Do List

Making a to-do list helps you to get the thoughts out of your head. Do you ever find yourself feeling mentally drained? Do you forget your thoughts and what you need to-do? Many of the reasons for that, is we have too much in our minds. We create “mental” to do lists, but if you are like me, you move on to another task and forget what you needed to remember or do.

Writing down your thoughts and tasks is one of the most important steps in staying mindfully organized. Not only will you have a list to refer back to, but you have now given your mind the ability to focus on the here and now. We are unable to enjoy simple parts of our day if we are trying to mentally remember all of our thoughts.

Here, try this. Picture your mind completely full with everything on your “mental” to-do list. Are you able to really focus on your task at hand and be mindful and present? Chances are no and you probably do not even know how much you are really missing.

So begin your day writing down all of your thoughts and to do’s. As you continue your day, check off what you have accomplished and add additional thoughts and tasks as the thoughts arise. I promise you that just the simple task of writing down your thoughts will help you to feel less jumbled and stressed.

Step 2: Take a Mindful Break

If you are anything like me, you can find yourself mentally exhausted and drained by the end of the day. Sometimes you may feel exhausted and drained only a few hours into your day.

One way to feel more refreshed and focused throughout the your day is to take small mindful breaks.

Check out my pin for ways to fit in simple, mindful breaks throughout your day.

This is what I want you to remember…the world keeps on spinning even if you take 5 minutes to yourself to stop spinning. Take a few mindful deep breaths, try out a quick desk yoga exercise, eat your lunch outside or go for a quick walk.

Once you return from your mindful break, you will feel more renewed and refocused. This will also allow you to be more productive and mindfully organized.

Step 3: Organize the Space Around you

This may seem so simple, but it’s so important. For you to feel mindfully organized, you need to be organized. So take 5 minutes to update your to-do list. Check off any of the tasks you accomplished.

Now take a few more minutes to organize the space around you. If you are at a desk, straighten up loose paper and clean up your work space. If you are at home, take a few minutes to organize the room that you are in. It can be as simple as making your bed if you are in your bedroom or cleaning up the dishes in the kitchen. The small act of straightening up serves two purposes. First, it keeps your space clean and tidy, but more importantly it gives you a mindful, mental break.

Step 4: Incorporate a Mindful Activity into your day.

Taking care of you is probably the most important thing you can do all day. Let’s face it, if you are unhealthy or sick, you are not much good to anyone around you or yourself. Our health is everything! You can schedule your day down to the minute, but if you get sick, there goes your schedule. So help yourself to stay healthy by being mindful. Schedule in and incorporate time into the day to do something you love.

If you love reading, end your day by reading your favorite book. If you love exercise, go to the gym or workout at home. Try a new yoga routine exercise or simply go outside for a walk. Whatever you love doing, make sure you do it mindfully. Take deep mindful breathes and put all of your attention on the task at hand. Be present and in the moment.

I promise you that by giving your self the opportunity to be mindful, you will in turn be happier, healthier and way less stressed! Cheers to you being mindfully organized!

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