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Looking for ways to entertain your kids this summer that don’t break the bank?

There are so many fun summertime activities that you and your family can do together and the best part is that you don’t need to spend money to have a good time! One of my goals for this summer was to find activities that will keep my kids entertained but also provide them with skills to unwind and destress. After all, summertime is a great time to relax and soak up the sun. So as an added bonus, all 4 of these FREE summertime activities, will include opportunities for you and your family to practice mindfulness. Teaching our children about mindfulness will provide them with simple ways to de-stress and calm down when they get upset. Let’s begin and I promise you that your kids will love these fun and free summertime activities!

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Free Summertime Activity: Create a Vision Board

Vision boards are one of my most favorite activities to do with adults and kids. This activity inspires hope, imagination and positive goal setting. The best part is that you can do this activity with supplies you already have at home. Which makes this project an absolutely free summertime activity! Time to use up all of those art supplies you have laying around at home!

Add a splash of mindfulness!

You can also incorporate mindfulness into this activity by simply being in the here and now. Begin by teaching your children to focus directly on the activity instead of worrying about another task. In other words when we teach ourselves and then in turn our children how to take a moment to breath and be present, then we naturally learn how to de-stress. So put down those phones and immerse yourself in this fun and creative family activity! Ready, set, create!

How to Create a Summertime Vision Board:

  • Step 1: Discuss with your kids what they want to do this summer (similar to a summertime bucket list).
  • Step 2: Have you kids cut out images and words out of magazines you have at home (or print free pictures from your computer) of activities that they love and are inspired to try. Images that help them create summertime goals. For example if you talked about swimming, find an image of a pool or the ocean.
  • Step 3: Design your vision board. Choose where to put all of the images. Next add color and your own personal touch to the board. Get out all of the markers, glitter, crayons and other art supplies you have at home. Be creative and have fun!
  • Step 4: Have your child present their vision board to you and your family. Ask questions and talk about their goals, inspirations and plans.

Once you finished creating a summertime vision board, have your kids design a vision board inspired by their own theme and creativity. The possibilities for vision boards are endless!

Fun and Creative Summertime Activity: Glitter Jars

Mindful glitter jars are mesmerizing and kids love making them! This is another activity that you can make for free by using up art supplies you have at home. Even though I will provide you with a basic recipe for creating your own glitter jars, you can truly get as creative as you like with supplies you already have at home. The only 4 staple ingredients you need are glue, water, a bottle and glitter. For the bottle, you can use any old jar you have or even a clear plastic drinking bottle.

How to Make a Mindful Glitter Jar

To incorporate mindfulness into this free summertime activity, talk to your kids about the purpose of a mindful glitter jar. Simply explain to your children that our emotions and thoughts are just like the glitter. When we are feeling overwhelmed and stressed our mind looks like the glitter when it is all stirred up and shaken around in the glitter jar. However, when we take a mindful breath we begin to feel grounded. Just like when we put the jar down and let it settle, our thoughts begin to settle with mindful breathing. Once the glitter settles, you are able to make more positive and less angry decisions.

Supply List

  • 1 Glass Jar or Plastic Bottle with a lid
  • Glitter: you can use different sizes and shapes glitter
  • Optional: food coloring
  • Clear Glue


  • Add 1/4 cup of water to any type of jar or water bottle. Distilled water is preferred; however, you can use basic tap water as well.
  • Then add in your clear or glitter glue. Start with 1/4 cup (once you make a few jars you can decide to add more. The more you add the slower the glitter will settle when shaken).
  • Swish the glue around in the glitter slowly – do not shake (this will create bubbles)
  • Now fill your jar or bottle with more water – to the top of the jar or bottle
  • Add your glitter – one or more different glitter colors. Optional: You can also had food coloring at this time. Have fun!
  • I would recommend you glue the lid on when you are done so it does open or spill when shaken.

What do you do on a hot summer day with no money?

Head to your Local Library

Reading is a great FREE summertime activity, especially on a hot summer day! Head to your local free library and let your kids pick out their own books. Most local libraries also have fun free activities for kids to do while they are visiting the library. This free summertime activity will keep your kids educationally engaged all summer and cool on a hot summer day!

How to incorporate Mindfulness into reading

Reading can simply be a mindful activity all on it’s own or you can make it a fun family activity by creating a mindful reading summer basket! The goal for any mindfulness activity is to focus on the here and now. Reading a book provides your mind with an opportunity to escape from planning and worrying. With reading you get to slow down, cozy up and get lost in a good book!

Here are some of my favorite mindfulness books for kids:

  • #1 – Great mindfulness book for younger children
I Am Peace: A Book of Mindfulness (I Am Books)
  • #2 – Also great for little kids
A Handful of Quiet: Happiness in Four Pebbles
  • #3 – Wonderful book for teenagers!
Superpowered: Transform Anxiety into Courage, Confidence, and Resilience
  • #4 – Interactive growth mindset book for children ages 6-12
Happy Mindset Little Journal: Kids Interactive Journal Prompts and Daily Activities to Help Children Develop a Growth Mindset. Colorful, Self-Learning and Fun! (Ages 6-12)
  • #5 – Interactive growth mindset book for teens
Big Life Journal – Teen Edition: A Growth Mindset Journal ā€“ Interactive Journal for Teens with Writing Prompts ā€“ Journal for Teens & Tweens ā€“ Inspirational Goal Planner Guided Journal

Free Summertime Activity: Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Who needs to spend money when you can go outside for free! Get outside this summer and let your kids be simply mindful in nature! Here is a great free summertime mindfulness activity for the whole family! Go on a mindful scavenger hunt with your kids and show your kids how to use their 5 senses to feel grounded and calm outdoors. Check out my free mindful scavenger worksheet here:

Let’s get MINDFUL

This is an activity that you have probably played before, either with your children or as a child yourself, but maybe did not realize that this is a perfect way to teach your kids how to be mindful. When you really think about it, scavenger hunts are all about focusing your attention on finding objects and therefore being fully present in the here and now.

BONUS: 100 Free Summer Activities

Check out this great article, written by the Penny Hoarder, for 100 Free summer activities for kids, adults and everyone in between!

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