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Love plants, but not sure how to decorate with them? Well look no further! I am here to help and show you not only how to decorate with plants indoors, but how EASY it can be!

Decorating with plants indoors is not only trending, but it is a timeless, beautiful way to add warmth and style to your home. So some of you may be saying, “but I don’t have a green thumb!” Have no fear, not only have I included 5 low maintenance indoor plants, that literally thrive with very little care, but you can also use realistic faux plants that require no care at all!

Health Benefits of House Plants

There are so many incredible health benefits that indoor house plants provide! Specifically, some indoor plants help to purify the air in your home and even reduce allergens. Plants clean indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity & producing oxygen. In addition to these two amazing health benefits, science has also discovered that plants can help with anxiety, lift your mood and aid in digestion. In other words, plants can make you feel happy and less stressed. So what are you waiting for?! Let’s get talking plants and adding them into your home!

Are Plants Good for Decoration

Not only are indoor plants healthy for you and your home, but they are PERFECT to use for decoration! Whether you decide to use real or faux indoor plants, you will bring so much warmth and style into your home by adding greenery as your main decor element.

I have discovered that the easiest way to decorate, is with plants. They add a simple, natural element to any room, without cluttering your space with tons of objects that require dusting!

Whatever your design style, plants can be added easily into any room. In my home, I have a very neutral color palette on my walls. I like to bring in color with my furniture and with the added decor elements. Plants provide a pop of color where needed as well as a healthy, happy vibe. Indoor plants make decorating so simple. Whether you use real or faux plants, you can achieve a timeless, beautiful design style in your home by adding indoor plants throughout.

Tips: How to Decorate with Plants Indoors

  • Use a plant as your centerpiece for your table. I love to add greenery as a centerpiece and the best part is that you can change it up for the seasons. Use a simple green indoor plant for the summer and spring, a fall mum or dried leaves in the fall and for the winter months, you can use pine sprigs from your outdoor pine trees.
  • Group plants by type. If you have a shelf that you want to display a few potted plants, try to stick to the same type of plants or at the very least the same types of color.
  • Place larger plants on stands to add height to a room and space. Metal wire stands are great and easy to move around when you want to switch up the look.
  • When in doubt about what to decorate with, use plants! Place potted plants in bedrooms, bathrooms and most importantly in any space with bright, natural light. For your darker areas in your home, either use plants that require indirect light or faux plants. Check out my living room below. I used a variety of faux plants, as this room in our house does not get any natural light.

How do you Style with Fake Plants

Artificial plants have come so far! When I first began decorating my home, most artificial plants looked so fake, but now, I sometimes find myself feeling the plants to see if they are real or not! Which is great for any of us without a green thumb!

I typically love using real plants, but in some parts of my home, I do not have enough natural light for them to flourish. So in those spots, I just add in a realistic looking faux plant.

The trick to using faux plants, is using very realistic artificial plants. Look for ones that you literally have to do a double take to know if it is real or fake. Also, try to stay away from too much color. Some faux plants with two many different flower colors, tend to look fake and artificial. Mostly because some colors in nature are just not meant to replicate. However, if you use faux plants in the green color scheme, you will find that they are much more realistic looking to the eye and will fool your guests into thinking you are a natural with plants!

In the picture below, I incorporated a faux plant in the white vase with a real plant in the blue flower pot. When you combine real plants next to faux plants, I really feel that you trick the eye to think they are both real. This is a great way to add in more plants into your home without all of the up keep needed for some real indoor plants.

5 Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

As I have mentioned, I sadly do not have a green thumb. However, I have discovered 5 very low maintenance indoor plants, that literally thrive from neglect! Seriously, the less water, the better! Here are my top 5 low maintenance indoor plants that you truly cannot kill (or you at least have to try really hard to)!

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  1. Snake Plant
  • One of the most perfect low maintenance house plants. This plant thrives on little water; actually the less water the better. In addition, this plant requires little light; indirect light is ideal. The snake plant also keeps the air inside your home clean by removing toxins such as formaldehyde and benzene.

2. Succulents

  • Succulents are drought resistant plants. They only need to be watered when they are bone dry. Perfect for those of us who forget to water plants regularly! Place your succulents in direct full sun for the best care. Succulents also improve the humidity in your home and add fresh oxygen to any space you put them in.

3. Boston Ferns

  • Boston ferns are a great no fuss plant that loves moist air. They are beautiful and lush and can flourish in your home if you place them in part shade/part sun areas and water when dry. One tip to maintain the green beautiful leaves, is to mist them when possible or place the fern(s) in your bathroom for moist air. Bonus: Boston Ferns will improve humidity in your home as well as purify the air.

4. Spider Plants

  • Spider plants are typically known as the most adaptable houseplants and very easy to grow. Perfect for those of us without a green thumb! They can live off of low indirect light, but they do prefer more direct sunlight if possible. They also do not require regular watering. Watering 1x per week is great!

5. Pothos

  • Pothos are great really anywhere in your home. They require little light and little water. You only need to water them when the soil is dry. This plant is virtually indestructible! Fun Fact: Also known as Devil’s Ivy.

Bonus: Indoor Plants Made for a Black Thumb

Check out this great post written by the very talented and inspirational blogger, Sarah Symonds, author of the blog Graceinmyspace.

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  1. Very informative post! You make it look so easy 😊

    1. Thank you! It is so easy and the best part is you can simply change your plants around for the seasons ðŸŠī🙌

  2. I love this! Plants just add a great element to a room immediately. I love my pothos – I think it’s doing the best out of all my plants.

    1. Me too! It literally is indestructible!🙌ðŸŠī

  3. Great suggestions all along. Love that you cover both real and fake plants!

  4. I love this idea of decorating with plants… no worrying about colour schemes or latest trends – but just filling your space with easy-maintenance joy. I’m having a good time right now with a “Wandering Jew” which is growing VERY well despite the fact it’s owned by me and I’m an accidental plant-killer… 😁 So I’d thoroughly recommend that as a hardy and beautiful indoor plant.

    1. Thank you! That will have to be the next plant I get!

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