How to be less stressed and overwhelmed

Learning how to feel less stressed and overwhelmed is easier said than done! I know, but I have discovered a few simple tips to make it attainable! Check out my 5 easy Tips to creating balance in your life and in turn feeling more relaxed and less stressed!

How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

In a world we’re we value a go, go, go mindset it is extremely easy to find yourself feeling stressed out and overwhelmed! However, we are only as good as our health. In other words, we can only “go, go, go” when we are both physically and mentally healthy. That means, our mental health needs to be a priority. The best way to feel less stressed and overwhelmed is to start with being mindful. Incorporating mindfulness into your already busy day may seem impossible, but I promise you that it is quite the opposite. When you give yourself a mindful break you will actually be more productive and way less stressed!

Tip 1: Create a Schedule

In order to plan for mindful breaks, you need to begin by scheduling out your day. Once you have scheduled out all of your required tasks, then you can see what the best times are for you to plan in a few mindful breaks.

Having a schedule has so many benefits, but most importantly it will instantly add balance into your life. Balancing a full time job, along with everything else can feel very overwhelming at times. However, definitely not impossible!

Begin by writing down all of your tasks and your appointments. Then schedule each item into your day, including 1-2 mindful breaks throughout the day for you. Self care is not selfish, but if you need a reason to make time for you, then simply schedule it into your day. Then it will be just like any other task you have accomplished and you can simply check it off your list. Soon you will not think of self-care as a task, but instead as a vitamin to keep you healthy! Until then, we can take small steps to get there!

Bonus: If you are looking for a schedule template, try this free google daily schedule template.

Tip 2: Leave Work at Work

It is bad enough to be stressed at work, but when you bring work home, you never let go of the stress. Instead you pile more on to your day and the cycle of feeling overwhelmed just continues. Just think about it, what are you giving up in the process of continuing work at home? I promise you that you are giving up more than just your sanity!

Whether you are mentally still “stuck” at work or physically still doing work tasks at home, you are definitely not being “present” at home. As your child is telling you all about their day there is no way you are really listening when you are thinking about all the work you still have to do. Here is a secret, the work will still be there whether you are thinking about it or not! So learn how to disconnect from work while at home and begin to feel more mindful and present. This simple mindset shift of leaving work at work, will not only make you feel less overwhelmed, but also so much more present for all of the important moments you need to be there for at home. Not to mention, how much less productive are you when you are stressed and tired? Give yourself a break and notice how much more work you accomplish when you are not so mentally drained.

How Unplugging can Relieve Stress

Tip 3: Set Aside your Device

One of the easiest ways to get back your time and not feel so behind and overwhelmed is to unplug from your phone. I know, I know, sounds ridiculous right?! How can unplugging from your phone make you feel less overwhelmed? Well it is simple. I am sure you have legitimate reasons for being on your phone or a device, which is totally ok, but how much extra time do you spend on a device without even meaning to. In other words, how much of your day is spent on social media, online browsing or simply going down the rabbit hole of watching one quick video after another?

I think many of us are so fried from our days, that we simply just want to lose ourselves in the land of social media, but as you know one simple minute can lead into 1-2 hours (easily). And before you know it, you are now behind on your tasks and even more stressed out.

Instead of looking on your phone or device when you need a “mental break”, try a screen free activity, such as reading a book or taking a walk outdoors. There are endless amount of activities you can do to feel more relaxed and less stressed, that do not require you to be on your phone. Check out these great device free activities here and you will love how much better you feel once you give yourself permission to unplug!

How to Feel Less Stressed and Overwhelmed Instantly

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Tip 4: Learn to say NO…It’s ok

If you are a people pleaser like me, saying no can be really hard! However, the more you pile on your plate just to please others, the more stressed and overwhelmed YOU are! Learn to say no to some things and yes to the things that really matter. In order to feel more relaxed, it is essential that you discover ways to simply say no.

Check out these simple tips on how and when to say no and I promise you that you will thank yourself!

How to Relax your Mind when Stressed

I am sure you have heard the term “mindfulness” before this post. It is a hyped up buzz word right now, but truth be told, it has been around for a long time. Mindfulness is simply being in the here and now. I love this visualization, picture your mind completely full with thinking of tasks you need to do, things you need to say, all of your worries, etc, etc, etc… Now picture your mind only focusing on ONE thing….simply being present in your current task. That is mindfulness. It allows you to take a deep breath and enjoy the simple things. Maybe for example, when you are eating a strawberry…you will take a moment to just enjoy the strawberry. Savor the moment and recharge.

Tip 5: Take a Mindful Break to feel Less Stressed and Overwhelmed

Taking a mindful break throughout the day is so important. For many of us though, we often do not build in any time to take a mindful break. Building in time for a mindful break into your day is as important as making time to eat. It can also be as quick as 10 minutes! Giving yourself 10 minutes to do a quick mindfulness activity will overall decrease your stress over time and increase feelings of happiness and purpose.

Check out these 6 great ways to take a mindful break and start feeling less stressed today!

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  1. Wonderful Advice ✨🌟Thank You

  2. Great advice, I really need to follow these tips 🙂

    1. Thank you! I promise you will be feel so much better❤️🙌❤️

  3. I’m a preschool teacher and do an incredible amount of documentation at home. I have 3 children who need support with their school work. Finding the balance is so hard. Fortunately my husband does most of the cooking and laundry.

    1. Hope these 5 tips can help you feel more balanced and less crazed! 🙌🧡

  4. Definitely feeling some stress lately, this is really helpful!

    1. So happy to hear that you found these tips helpful!

  5. With my job, it can get really stressful a lot of the time. But leaving your work at work is honestly some of the best advice. I go there to get paid and nothing more. If I’m not working I’m not getting paid 🤷🏼‍♀️ So no point in worrying about it outside of work!

    Also love Self Care is not Selfish! So true!

  6. A very informative read and some fantastic tips!! Great share!!

  7. I love these tips. I had to learn too #2 & 4 the hard way 😭🤣 but it has stuck!

    1. Oh no! But you are so right, sometimes the hardest lessons are the best ones! ❤️

  8. Great article! 🙂
    I think we should normalize more slowing down SOME DAYS. If you have always a go, go, go mindset…well, you’ll burnout quicker than you think.

  9. Hi Candice, these are great tips! I especially love the ones about leaving work at work and taking mindful minutes. That can be so helpful, especially in this culture of overwork. Taking time for yourself and being able to set boundaries is so helpful for your mental health. I am glad you are sharing this message, so important. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much! So happy to hear that you found the post helpful! ❤️

  10. Great Advice! I am working on all of those things actually for the next 4 months. Thank you for the great reminders

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