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Mindfulness Activities

How to Feel Less Stressed and Overwhelmed

How to be less stressed and overwhelmed

Learning how to feel less stressed and overwhelmed is easier said than done! I know, but I have discovered a few simple tips to make it attainable! Check out my 5 easy Tips to creating balance in your life and in turn feeling more relaxed and less stressed! How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed In a world we’re we value a go, go, go mindset it is extremely easy to find yourself feeling stressed out and overwhelmed! However, we are only as good as our health. …

vision board
Mindfulness Activities

How to Make a VISION BOARD

Learn how to Make a Vision Board in 4 Easy and Fun Steps! Vision boards are one of my most favorite activities to do with adults and kids. This activity inspires hope, imagination and positive goal setting. You can also incorporate mindfulness into this activity by simply being in the here and now. Begin by teaching your children to focus directly on the activity instead of worrying about another task. In other words, when we teach ourselves and then in turn our children how to …

Mindfulness Activities

4 Ways to INSTANTLY Feel Less Stressed

Feeling and becoming less stressed begins with being mindfully organized. Mindfully organized is a term for taking the time to organize your thoughts and life tasks in a simple and mindful way. Many of us miss so much around us because we are too focused on thinking about our problems or everything we need to get accomplished. Our forever growing “to-do” list. Today I am going to show you how to start enjoying life and becoming more mindfully organized! Being mindfully organized will help you …

How to Relax Outdoors with 3 Mindfulness Activities
Mindfulness Activities

How to Relax with 3 Outdoor Mindfulness Activities

Incorporating mindfulness into everyday outdoor activities will help you de-stress and enjoy life more. Learning how to practice mindfulness outdoors can be so fun and simple. So how do you begin? First you start living in the here and now. In other words, being mindful simply means that you are focusing on the present moment. What is Mindfulness Mindfulness is a term used for being fully present. To be mindful means you are focusing on the here and now, instead of worrying about the past …