Farmhouse decorating ideas on a budget can easily be accomplished with these cash saving tips!

I have always felt that you do not need to break the bank to create a farmhouse look! Farmhouse style, whether vintage, modern or traditional can absolutely be achieved on a budget. In fact, most of the decor pieces in my home do not cost more than $10-20 per decor item. Here are a few farmhouse decorating ideas on a budget! Try any of these tips when creating a farmhouse style look on a set budget.

Image of a modern farmhouse front porch with a light blue door and farmhouse front porch decor

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What is the Farmhouse Look

Classic Farmhouse style is part vintage and part warm, neutral tones throughout the home. The classic farmhouse look typically displays a kitchen with shaker wooden cabinets and a white vintage farmhouse sink. Whereas the modern farmhouse look is slightly different, by incorporating clean, white color tones. Modern Farmhouse design combines vintage style with a slightly modern flair. Typically the sleek vintage modern farmhouse pieces stand out against the backdrop of neutral colored walls.

How to Find Your Farmhouse Look on a Budget

TIP 1: Use Pinterest and Instagram for Inspiration

I always feel so inspired after looking through home decor inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram! The secret to creating a farmhouse look on a budget is to get all of your decor inspiration from searching design styles online. There are so many farmhouse decorating ideas on a budget, all you need to do is narrow down your likes and favorite looks. Then take mental notes of what you like and start shopping around to find similar decor pieces on sale. You can easily replicate design style that you were inspired by online in your own home by shopping around for similar, affordable pieces.

I hear so often that the hardest part of designing your space is knowing how to decorate. That is the beauty of designing in the 21st century! All of your inspiration for a farmhouse look is online and in magazines! Just google farmhouse style on Instagram and/or Pinterest and you can start seeing what you like. Then save pins, screen shot images and start shopping around for items that you saw in your saved pictures.

If you are looking for a great community full of farmhouse inspiration, join #farmhousefridaytour. My friends and I post beautiful Modern, Vintage and Traditional farmhouse decor style every Friday. Check out my friends and I on Instagram @farmhouse_harvest @linensandwildflowers and @simplycandiceblog.

How Can I Make my House Look Beautiful in Low Budget

TIP 2: Shop Around and Look for Sales

Great Farmhouse Decor Finds from my local Dollar General

Design inspiration is EVERYWHERE! In part we can thank farmhouse design stylists like Joanna Gaines, but nowadays you can truly find farmhouse inspiration at almost every store! The Farmhouse Look is NOT going out of style! Quite the opposite. Actually since farmhouse style is in such high demand, you may find yourself looking at very overpriced farmhouse decor items. Do not settle for overpriced pieces. Look around at all of your local stores and compare prices. I promise you that you will be so surprised at all of the affordable farmhouse decor out there!

One of my favorite stores for creating a farmhouse look on a budget is the dollar store! Believe it or not, you can find great farmhouse decor pieces at the dollar store and/or the dollar general. Always check out their seasonal section. This section often has farmhouse decor items for less than $10! Check out a great blog post by Kyrie from Healthfully Rooted Home on “8 Dollar Store Organization Finds that Don’t Look Cheap.”

Beautiful decor pieces I found at HomeGoods

How do I get a Farmhouse Look

TIP 3: Shop at Yard Sales and Flea Markets

One of the best parts of farmhouse design is turning old into new! Some of my most favorite farmhouse finds have come from yard sales! Check out this beautiful antique desk below that my husband scored at a yard sale for only $100!

The best farmhouse decorating ideas on a budget is to stick to neutral key pieces. Find pieces and decor items at yard sales and flea markets that are wood toned, white, light colored or vintage. The best part about flea markets and yard sales are that you can bargain and negotiate the price down. This makes for a great place to find budget friendly farmhouse style pieces.

Start Designing YOUR Farmhouse Look!

You are now on your way to creating a farmhouse look in your own home on a budget! Remember these 3 simple tips and you will not only save money, but you will do it without sacrificing your design style!

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